cat /var/log/auth.log

Couple of days ago I was discussing with one of my coworkers whether we should expose SSH for our local development machines on default port (22) or pick another random port. Why pick another port? Theoretically it could help staying a bit away from open port scanners bots, those who only look for most common ports, but it can’t help if a bot decided to brute force check for open ports. I have an always on Raspberry Pi hooked to my home network and exposes ssh default port publicly, so I thought I would take a look on ssh logs to see what I can expect. Continue reading cat /var/log/auth.log


TODO: Get An Internship – The Session

Here is to another year, another internship and a whole new awesome adventure. This summer I was interning in Google too, but guess what? This time was in Google’s headquarters in Mountain View in the heart of Silicon Valley. Now I can add North America to the list of continents I’ve been too, in addition to Europe last year. And fortunately I was blessed again by meeting awesome new friends in my journey, and also meeting some of my awesome friends from my last internship in Krakow.

Realizing how important internships are, both on technical and personal levels, We are trying our best to spread this idea and do what we can to get more people to apply for internships and hopefully nailing one. So this year, in collaboration with two of my best geeky friends (Ahmed Kamal and Ahmed Mohsen) and acmASCIS student chapter, we prepared a session that made my last year blog post come to life and we tried to reach more students and encourage them to apply.

Ahmed Kamal, Ali Essam, Ahmed Mohsen
Ahmed Kamal, Ali Essam, and Ahmed Mohsen. TODO Get An Internship Session Presenters.

This post is going to be a follow up on my last year blog post and the session, so if you didn’t read that post before, make sure you do before continuing on.

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TODO: Get An Internship.

I’ve just finished my internship with Google as a STEP intern few weeks ago and I thought I’d like to share this experience. I worked for 3 months in the beautiful city Krakow, and I guess this summer was the best in my life, both on the technical and non-technical side. It was my first internship, my first time in Europe, my first time to meet such cool people from different countries, and I had the best group of friends there (Google Krakow Interns).

On the technical side, I got to work with Google engineers, learnt a lot from them, and I got the chance to experience the powerfulness of Google’s infrastructure. You get treated as a real engineer, maybe with less responsibilities, but you get to use the same tools, work on the same code base, see your changes go alive in Google’s products…., you just get to live the life of a Google engineer for three months plus the extra fun for being an intern. I might not be the best to talk about internships, since I only got only one internship till now, but I thought I’d like to share my experience with you. Continue reading TODO: Get An Internship.

Start using TopCoder Arena (Practice Problems and SRMs) + KawigiEdit Plugin

In this quick guide i’ll try to explain the following :

  1. Setting up the Arena
  2. Setting up KawigiEdit Plugin (Very Useful)
  3. Practice Problems in previous SRMs
  4. Joining Active SRMs

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Cout (Print) Special Unicode Characters in C++ Console


Sometimes you need to print some special characters in c++ console ,mostly in games.

You can easily print special characters using simple cout statment

cout << “\u2658”;

this prints the white horse symbol ♘ .

all you have to do is to change the code after \u with the unicode character code.

you can find a list of unicode characters codes here

or here

you can test a live example here on ideone

References :